October 6, 2016 / 9a-4p
A Cultural + Health Equity Convening

At Clinical & Translational Research Center at the University of Louisville

Presented by IDEAS xLab/Creative Agents of Change / Sponsored by University of Louisville Medical School

Catalytic Forces 2016: The Opportunity of Equity

Today, in America, a zip code has more to do with life expectancy than genetic code. In both urban and rural settings, those with less income, education, social mobility, and people of color, experience poor health because of inequity. 

As a nation, we can change this if we have the intention to do so. 

There are systems of power in our nation that grant privilege and access unequally such that inequity and injustice result. These are human designed systems that can be changed. 

We must all hold ourselves accountable, because acknowledging and challenging inequities and working in partnership is how we will make change happen. 

Everyone deserves equal access to a full, vibrant creative life, which is essential to a healthy and democratic society.  

Catalytic Forces 2016: The Opportunity of Equity will cultivate new pathways for connecting the work of cultural and health equity as mutually reinforcing actions that, together, show promise for producing a new training pipeline for cultural leaders, improving health outcomes and creating a more equitable society. 

Creative Agents of Change and IDEAS xLab are inviting our operational partners and advisors to Louisville for a day of knowledge sharing.  The morning session will also be live-streamed event so the others can learn along with us.


(1) Encourage meaningful and productive partnership dialogue between the cultural and health sectors; 

(2) Facilitate access to current arts, culture and health research and encourage robust evaluation practice with population/public health professionals; 

(3) Raise the profile of arts and health integration in the Project H.E.A.L. partner regions (Northeast, Central Appalachian and Southern States); 

(4) Provide a new collaboration platform for cultural and health practitioners at a strategic level; 

(5) Identify the drivers and upstream determinants of opportunity in both the cultural and health arenas; and

(6) Reframe the discourse on health and cultural equity using an opportunity lens.


AGENDA: 9am - 1pm (Livestream)

Welcome by University of Louisville Medical School
SESSION ONE: Emergent Collaborative Frameworks

  • National View on Cultural Equity
  • National View on Health Equity
  • Health and Cultural Equity Integration
  • Creative Agents of Change: Artists as Social Entrepreneurs
  • Project H.E.A.L. (Health. Equity. Art. Learning.) - Panel Discussion 

SESSION TWO: Opportunity in Practice

Part 1: Building Equity into Community Development

  • Creative Placemaking: Sustainable Youth Development (Workforce, Environment) 
  • Using Art to Advance Racial Justice  

Part 2: Culturally Aware Health Systems Design

  • Integrating Artists + Technology for Cancer Care
  • Creativity + Aging
  • LGBTQ Health Equity

Part 3: Advocating for Equity in Public Policy  

  • Arts Supporting Families Affected by Incarceration
  • Youth Violence Prevention Research Using Cultural Production

SESSION THREE: National Keynote

AGENDA: 2-4pm (Closed Session)

Project H.E.A.L. Regional Partners Meeting